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ROC Homefront

For the Least of These | ROC Homefront: Part 2

What is Homefront? In order to accomplish the mission of church-planting along the Military Highway, church-planting in the most difficult and dangerous to reach places, and making it hard to go to hell from Fayetteville/ Ft. Bragg, we need to invest the largest sum of money we have ever raised to upgrade the “engine room.” Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg is the “sending agent” of leaders, resources and church plants all across the Military Highway. The rate of our sending and giving will be accelerated for many generations by our investment today. We will solidify the future for generations of leaders to come.

You can make a change in the world today. Giving is easy and it makes your local community AND the world a better place for all. Learn more about how you can give a loving gift and make a change for the better TODAY.

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For the Least of These | ROC Homefront: Part 2