Start A Micro Site

Don’t have a location in your area?

What is a Micro-Site?

A Micro-Site is a gathering of people who are committed to glorifying God by helping equip people to change their world. It embraces our three values and keeps Manna’s name, logo and Growth Track.

Where can a Micro-Site be started?

A Micro-Site can be started anywhere, at any time, by anyone who meets the basic requirements to lead one. We will not open a Micro-Site within a 1-hour radius of a City-Site unless it is reaching a population that a City-Site is not reaching.

Who can lead a Micro-Site?

A Micro-Site leader must be a Manna member who has gone through our Growth Track, to include MultiStep, and fully embraces our culture. You could feel a call to full-time ministry or just be passionate about creating an expression of Manna Church where you live, work, or play. Prospective leaders must also complete an interview with the Multiply Pastor at Manna Church.

What is my next step?

If you have not been through NextStep or LeaderStep, make plans to attend. If you have completed NextStep and LeaderStep, you are invited to go through our Micro-Site leader training, called MultiStep. You can begin the process today by filling out the Micro-Site Questionnaire.

Start A Micro Site