What if I told you that Jesus wasn’t shocked by culture wars? What if I told you that Jesus always had a plan for how the church should exist in society? In this series, we will study several places in the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus addresses how we should live in the world. We will discuss: dealing with enemies, responding to persecution, holiness, humility, and more. The church has the opportunity (if we follow what Jesus says) to bring light to a world that desperately needs it. On the other hand, when the church responds poorly, the result often includes that dreaded word… Hypocrite.

Hypocrite: Part 1 | “So, I Can Punch Him, Right??”

Hypocrite: Part 2 | “Don’t Judge.”

Hypocrite: Part 3

Hypocrite: Part 4 | “Don’t Give Your Pearls to Pigs.”

Hypocrite: Part 5 | “The Golden Rule”