Serve Day

On March 3rd, Manna Church Fayetteville/Ft. Liberty is having our first Serve Day for 2024! Our theme for this Serve Day is “An Outreach for Everyone.” We have 53 outreaches scheduled across our six sites. Our outreaches include a diverse range of opportunities, from creating cards of encouragement to local park and neighborhood clean-ups to prayer walks and prayer convoys, and many others. You can check with the connection center at your site for the start time and additional information, and there will be Serve Day video announcements at each site beginning on February 8th. If you are looking for an opportunity to serve and to share the love of Jesus throughout our community, with no strings attached, you can go to our website at the link below or on the Manna Church app by clicking on the “Serve Day” icon and choose an outreach that is perfect for you.


Easter @ Manna

The story of Easter is the culminating event of the 3 year ministry and 33 year life of Jesus: born into humanity to save the very ones He created from their sin. In the last week of Jesus’ life, the events of His death unfold in the midst of rapidly shifting emotions. Hope gives way to despair and tragedy that culminates with a crescendo that reverberates to this very day: His resurrection.

Come celebrate Holy Week with us at Manna Church as we journey from Maundy Thursday to Good Friday and ultimately to His resurrection on Easter Sunday morning.