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Easter at Manna 2023

Palm Sunday | How A Cry For Help Becomes A Shout Of Triumph

It was a day like no other… the city was packed with perhaps at least six times the normal population. There was a festival atmosphere, and all the happenings were laden with anticipation. Most people were thrilled beyond what they could express, while others scowled with unmasked bitterness.
And then, two columns started to enter the city. One had all the pomp and power of the Roman Empire as the Roman Governor, Pilate, entered with his retinue. The other approach started with a small group following a humble rabbi donkey. It was this latter procession that caused the city to explode. Before long, people were rushing to that route shouting exultantly. A word, Hosanna, was screamed over and over as the crowds converged in joy. Why?
Join us for Palm Sunday as we explore a special message about Jesus’ Triumphal Entry.

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