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Evangelism for Dummies

Evangelism for Dummies: “Jesus is the Way”

Jesus gave every disciple of His a responsibility – you could even call it a burden. Every follower of Jesus must share their faith.
For many, this reality causes a spark of fear – how do I share my faith? Can I answer people’s objections? How do I take the grand story of the Bible and make it simple and succinct?
Guess what? This series is one of our most practical of all time. During this study, we will teach you how to share the Gospel practically — we will make it easy and give you tools.
Join us for Evangelism for Dummies.

In This Series

Evangelism for Dummies: “The Good News”

Evangelism for Dummies: “Come & See, Go & Tell”

Evangelism for Dummies: “In the Name of Love”

Evangelism for Dummies: “Jesus is the Way”