It’s advice that we have all given – time and again. What is the key to success in any venture? It’s “The Basics”- mastering the basics. When Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, he referenced the basics of discipleship in a number of different ways. Living the Christian Life successfully is all about practicing the basics – on repeat. Join us for this 8-week series as we discuss what Jesus said about the Basics.

Basics: Part 1 | The Bible

Basics: Part 2 | Raising The Bar

Basics: Part 3 | Finding God in Secret (Prayer)

Basics: Part 4 | “Pray Like This”

Basics: Part 5 | “Forgiveness: Learning to Let Go”

Basics: Part 6 | “Fasting: No to Me, Yes to God”

Basics: Part 7 | “Prayer: What Are You Asking For?”

Basics: Part 8 | “There are Storms in the Forecast”