“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

Acts 1:8 (ESV)

Jesus declared that He would build His Church, and as a result of our relentless trust in His plan, we would advance His Kingdom! God’s people have been commissioned to take the Good News of Jesus to all people, both near and far. It is through this lens that we participate in our annual Reach Out Celebration and ROC Series.

Every year in the ROC we take a look at how God is using Manna Church to advance the Kingdom of God locally, across the Military Highway, and to the ends of the Earth. During this series of events we explore the exciting news of what has happened this year through our Ministry Partners and Short Term Missions, and where we are going for the next year.

This isn't just what we do, this is who we are.

Jump in as we discover how together we can Pray, Give and Go.

Pastor Chris Fletcher
Lead Pastor of Manna Church in Fayetteville/Ft. Liberty, NC


An Overview of the ROC in 2023

At this year’s ROC we will share missions and outreach wins and stories as well as highlighting next year’s strategies and goals. This event is not just a gathering, but an invitation to embody our shared commitment to PRAY, GIVE, and GO. On Thursday, November 16th, we kick off with a powerful evening service that sets the tone for our time together. On Friday is the Night We Can’t Record. It is a night you won’t want to miss! On Sunday, November 19th, we conclude our celebration with our morning services across all sites and a final evening service at Cliffdale. We look forward to seeing you there!

ROC Timeline

Thursday, November 16, 2023
- Hosted at the Cliffdale Site

The ROC Kickoff Night begins our ROC Week by celebrating God and worshiping Him. Our keynote speaker is Pastor Josh Surratt from Seacoast Church. You won’t want to miss it!

Manna Kids available for ages birth – 11. Check-in begins at 6:15pm

Friday, November 17, 2023
- Hosted at the Cliffdale Site

Sharing the Gospel has always come at a cost. For some, they might sacrifice time, resources or energy. But for others in various places throughout the world, the cost of the Gospel is their very lives. In the darkest places, the Gospel shines the brightest. So many of the amazing stories of what God is doing around the world come out of these places of intense persecution. We share these stories once a year during The Night We Can’t Record. Due to the sensitive nature of the evening, no phones, signal transmitting devices or recording devices will be allowed in the Worship Center.

Manna Kids available for ages birth – 11. Check-in begins at 6:15pm

Sunday Morning, November 19, 2023
Sunday Evening, November 19, 2023
- Hosted at the Cliffdale Site

Our culminating event that will feature stories from our Short Term Missions throughout the year, a call to action, and an exciting announcement!

Special Events Childcare available for ages birth – 5. Check-in begins at 6:15pm

Josh Surratt

Guest Speaker

As Lead Pastor, Josh Surratt is helping Seacoast Church realize God’s vision for what comes next. He is passionate about helping people find God, grow their faith, discover their purpose, and make a difference. Josh was raised in Charleston, South Carolina and attended the College of Charleston.

He joined the Seacoast staff in 2001 and has served in several roles, including four years as the Mount Pleasant Campus Pastor. Josh is one of Seacoast’s Teaching Pastors and currently serves on the Executive Team as the Seacoast Lead Pastor.

He and his wife Lisa have three children – Miles, Greta Kate, and Ellie. In his off-hours, Josh loves to cheer for all Chicago sports teams and the Clemson Tigers.

Featured Ministry Partners


AIM is working to rescue, heal, and empower survivors of trafficking to be free. Because this work doesn’t stop at the rescue. For these girls to truly heal and grow, they need to feel the unconditional, relentless love of Christ. When this love is shown, survivors understand their true worth and value, and then they are able to become abolitionists themselves, raising their voices and fighting for the freedom of other girls. In addition to this, our protection programs are targeting the root of the issue by addressing the demand for purchased sex and protecting the vulnerable in the community. AIM’s Mission is to free hearts, lives, and communities from the evil of sex trafficking in Jesus’ name and in Jesus’ way. The agape love of Jesus Christ is expressed through His followers (the Church), unlocking hearts one life at a time. Community by community, generation after generation, joining God’s global movement to rescue, heal, and transform those impacted by sex trafficking.



CharisMed (Charis Associates Medical Ministries) is a ministry of Charis Associates which advances the Gospel in foreign countries in partnership with local churches. CharisMed mobilizes foreign medical personnel who provide free medical care to patients who are then evangelized by church members. Since 2006 we have done 38 series of clinics over 322 days and have seen 44,564 patients, of whom 16,995 have made decisions for Jesus. We have worked in six nations, including Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Philippines, and Kenya. Previously,
most of our clinics were held in Thailand but we now have a worldwide vision for ministry.
CharisMed has helped plant churches and helped small churches grow larger. We are also a mobilizing ministry because we show medical personnel how they can use their skills to help advance the Kingdom of God in foreign countries. We work with foreign missionary organizations and prior teams have included medical personnel from USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Malaysia, Ukraine, Argentina, and other nations. During the coming year we are planning trips to Thailand, Philippines, Albania, and Kenya. We are also now working with Manna members who wish to establish a similar ministry focusing on reaching Latin America.

Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope is a faith-based organization with a driving passion to feed the world through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreach, and disaster response. In partnership with local churches, businesses, civic organizations, and government agencies, Convoy strategically offers help and hope to communities around the world.


Filter of Hope

Families living in poverty deserve access to clean drinking water. Motivated by the compassion of Christ, Filter of Hope brings clean water to people who are thirsty. By manufacturing and distributing simple, life-saving water filters, we provide families living in poverty easy access to clean, safe drinking water—250 gallons a day for 10 years. The entire water filter kit fits inside a quart-sized bag and costs just $40 to purchase. For a $50 donation, we’ll deliver a water filter to a family in need and install it on your behalf. For most families, receiving our water filter means they have clean water in their homes for the first time ever. In 2012, we distributed the first Filter of Hope water filters in the Dominican Republic. Since then, we’ve expanded to 11 additional countries in the Caribbean and Central America, and our partner organizations have taken our water filters to more than 70 countries worldwide.


HBI Global Partners

Their mission is to help fulfill the Great Commission of Christ by enabling the North American church to develop partnerships to reach the unreached of India and beyond. Their vision is to see a dynamic transformational church for every thousand people in every people group in India and also in Nepal and the surrounding nations. HBI Global Partners works in partnership with HBI India, giving every man, woman, boy, and girl an opportunity to hear, understand, and respond to the Gospel and be discipled into communities of believers within their own context so that Christ is radiated in everything they do. HBI stands for “Hindustan Bible Institute” (Hindustan is another name for India). HBI was founded in 1952 and has now planted over 13,000 churches with over 850,000 believers who have been disciples and are active in their church.


Hour of Harvest

Hour of Harvest is a multi-faceted ministry that has a goal to impact nations and change lives through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We do that through evangelism, church planting, conventions/seminars, and humanitarian aid.  Most of the foreign focus is presently on the Philippines, Brazil, Cuba, Venezuelan refugees, and Pakistan. Stateside HOH ministers to young mothers and pregnancy centers. 
This year, 2023, HOH has had feet on ground with Ronda leading trips to the Philippines in April with a team of 6, in May at Panama with 9, and October with 2 others.  HOH encourages people to join short mission trips because everyone can touch someone with God’s love as they allow Jesus to flow through them.  Jesus changes a life forever!


A strong community saves lives. The Indigenous Community Empowerment Network exists to empower Indigenous organizations and individuals who are making positive changes in their community from the inside out.  We accomplish this by providing suicide prevention trainings, career education/mentoring, and hosting community events to promote strong relationships.  Strong family and community relationships prevent self-harm. Using our network and circles of influence we can all partner together to provide necessary funding, supplies, training, and other resources to build a better tomorrow for Indigenous youth, veterans, and their families.


Dream Center

The Dream Center serves as a resource center focused on providing support to those affected by homelessness, hunger, and the lack of education through residential and community outreach programs. Thousands of pastors, community leaders and volunteers have visited the Dream Center throughout the years. Inspired by their experiences, many since that time have built Dream Centers in their own cities to meet specific community needs. The Dream Center Network now collectively consists of 84 Dream Centers around the world, including centers in 29 states and 8 different countries. With a vision to transform the world, each Dream Center strives to provide the help and resources necessary to individuals and communities in need. The Dream Center Network continues to grow each year, reaching thousands of people across the globe.


Manna Community Store

The Manna Community Store collects tax-deductible donations from individual and community donors and resell these items to the public. We are fortunate enough to have a strong donor base and we have pieces donated to us regularly. We seek to be good stewards of the items we receive, and a skilled volunteer can help us do that. That money goes to support The Manna Dream Center mission “to reach people with the love of Christ by meeting their physical and spiritual needs”.


Manna Dream Center

The Manna Dream Center exists to “reach people with the love of Christ by meeting both their physical and spiritual needs.” Monies generated from the community store will help to address the challenges of hunger, homelessness, and various needs in our community. The Manna Dream Center first opened its doors in 2014 with the goal of meeting various practical needs in our community.  Over the years it has changed but our goal of showing God’s love by meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of people has not changed.  Today the Manna Dream Center consists of 4 locations; 336 Ray Ave., our men’s shelter at 913 Person Street, our warehouse at 5135 Cliffdale Rd and now the Manna Community Store at 3736 Ray Ave.

Manna University

Manna University Manna University is a biblical higher education institution dedicated to educating, equipping, and empowering emerging leaders to change the world. We exist to advance the Kingdom of God through biblical higher education – everywhere. We offer affordable, accessible, and accredited degrees designed to partner with the local church, training leaders where they are and while they serve. Our degrees range from one-year Certificates to a Doctor of Ministry, with a combined focus on world-class academics and practical ministry. Our goal is to train and release leaders who embody a hunger for God, integrity in character, creativity in ministry, and confidence in proclaiming the Kingdom of God.


Return to Zion

Return to Zion was established in 2001 by the inspiration from God’s prophetic Word to bring the Jewish people back to Israel and to proclaim the name of Yeshua among the people of Israel. Because of that, the Return to Zion congregation has a vision and the desire to promote Aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel) and to be a part of the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel. Another vision of Return to Zion is to “Restore faith in Yeshua in Israel in our days.” We do this through humanitarian and educational outreaches such as Oasis Media (a Russian language media ministry), Rainbow of Sounds Music School, a food distribution program, Haifa Theological Institute, and a ministry to Holocaust survivors.


Run Ministries

The mission of RUN Ministries is to bring the revelation of God and His Kingdom to unreached people. This singular focus guides their efforts and strengthens their resolve to ensure the ultimate fulfillment of Matthew 24:14. These efforts include ongoing evangelism and church planting movements in more than 120 countries, involving more than 430 languages; indigenous church planting teams utilizing their Kingdom Business Project strategy focused on 75 Unengaged Unreached People Groups; New Testament translation teams working in 100 languages across three continents; and RUN’s partnership with a network of underground house churches to rescue thousands of children, innocent victims of the crisis of civil war in Yemen, Syria and other nations. RUN believes that through godly restoration, many will become tomorrow’s leaders in expanding God’s Kingdom.


Support Military Families

Serving military families with God’s love is our purpose.  Our mission is two-fold: to honor and encourage military spouses and their children through our care package program, and to raise awareness of their sacrifice here at home. Some of those sacrifices include Being away from family and friends, Frequent moves, Serving as single parents while their loved ones are deployed, Caring for wounded warriors, Honoring our nation’s fallen heroes, and more. They may not wear a uniform, or have a rank, but they serve us every day.


theEXPERIENCE College Internship

TheExperience College Internship is a program designed for young emerging leaders to gain hands-on vocational experience while earning an accredited degree. Manna University’s partnership with the local church gives theExperience students access to world-class academic courses at Manna University, while simultaneously giving them real-world ministry experience within the local church. This program is designed to develop leaders in the areas of Faith, Character, and Leadership.


Where We've Been:

South Dakota

March 2023

Manna Church partnered with the Indigenous Community Empowerment Network (ICENET) to deliver and distribute over $60,000 of formal wear to the local youth center on Pine Ridge. We were also honored to host a dinner to feed Lakota Veterans, their families and tribal leaders to include the Tribal President! 

We raised enough money to bless a local ministry and the Veterans organization with their own meat smokers to continue building their community through fellowship. A strong community saves lives. We were able to come alongside local Christian leaders and lift up their weary arms as they worked tirelessly to advance the Kingdom of God among the Lakota on Pine Ridge.

LA Dream Center

April 2023

The Short Term Missions team’s visit to the LA Dream Center was marked by impactful engagement and tangible support for the community. Through participation in Kids Jam, they formed vital connections, extending emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual support to the youth in collaboration with Adopt a Block. Additionally, their involvement in the foster care intervention team demonstrated a commitment to aiding individuals and families with open cases, providing much-needed furniture and beds. They further made a difference through mobile food banks, directly addressing food insecurity in the community. Perhaps most notably, their visit to Skid Row showcased a compassionate outreach, offering not only sustenance but also sharing the gospel and providing crucial encouragement to those in need. This mission exemplified a holistic approach to support, leaving a lasting impact on the LA Dream Center and the communities it serves.


May 2023

The Short Term Missions team in Cambodia has been experiencing incredible moments of connection and impact. Their church service was a powerful experience, witnessing a touching demonstration of God’s love as the entire congregation, including the mission team, had their feet washed in a gesture of honor. Engaging with local children in football (soccer) and organizing a vibrant “kids club” has brought joy and laughter amidst the sweltering heat. The team’s dedication also shines through their facilities improvement project, painting a substantial compound wall. Additionally, their humanitarian outreach event, made possible by generous support, promises to bless over 80 families, potentially impacting over 400 lives. The trip has been a true testament to the power of prayer and support, truly anointed and filled with meaningful encounters.


June 2023

The Manna team’s short term mission trip to Cuba was a transformative experience on many levels. Not only did we lead native Cubans towards Christ, but we also underwent profound spiritual and intellectual growth, immersing ourselves in both the enchanting landscapes of Cuba and the sobering realities of communism. Our days were dedicated to visiting local neighborhoods and distributing vital water filters, an eye-opening experience that challenged American sensibilities but ultimately revealed the generosity, interdependence, and resilience of the Cuban people. Rural Cuba, though characterized by its rugged lifestyle, exuded a captivating simplicity and natural beauty. A visit to a local tobacco farm in Viñales offered a taste of local culture, where one could purchase cigars and savor delectable fruit juice. Throughout the trip, we made a significant impact, distributing 72 filters, touching 108 lives with the Gospel, encountering 26 Christian believers, and witnessing 66 individuals embrace salvation. This mission journey was a testament to the power of service, personal growth, and the richness of Cuban life.

Costa Rica

July 2023

The Short Term Missions team’s journey to Costa Rica was marked by incredible achievements and impactful encounters. Partnering with Filter of Hope, they brought life-changing water filters and the gospel to the community. With 91 individuals hearing the message of hope, their influence was profound. This mission was powered by the dedication of 16 members from Manna, exemplifying the strength of unity in their cause. A powerful moment unfolded during dinner, as Javier Ortiz’s conversation with Lete led to her accepting Christ, a momentous event witnessed by the entire team. Their efforts resulted in an astonishing 47 salvations, a testament to the transformative power of their mission.


July 2023

The Short Term Missions team’s journey to Kenya was nothing short of extraordinary! Over the course of four days, they provided medical care to an astounding 605 patients, making a significant impact on local healthcare. Additionally, they orchestrated a two-day evangelical festival that reached a staggering 1520 individuals with the message of the Gospel. The team’s dedication didn’t stop there; they also organized eight team soccer tournaments, generously awarding trophies, cleats, and full team uniforms as prizes. One heartwarming testament to their impact was Pastor Allen’s encounter with a motorcycle driver, who had not only received healing for his eye but also found salvation during one of the medical clinics. This moving connection led to a new mentorship opportunity, demonstrating the team’s profound influence on the community’s spiritual and physical well-being. With a total of 185 salvations, this mission was truly a testament to the power of their efforts. Hallelujah and amen!

South Dakota

July 2023

The Short Term Missions team’s venture to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota was filled with heartwarming victories and meaningful connections. Although initially planning a small VBS for one or two families, they were met with an unexpected turnout of nearly 40 children arriving in two church vans. Despite only having 5 pizzas, through a miraculous turn of events, they were able to ensure everyone had seconds with some left over. This resonated as a modern-day “fishes and loaves” miracle. With 80 individuals hearing the gospel and six dedicated members from Manna Church participating, the team’s impact was profound. They were truly blessed to forge connections and share fellowship with the families residing on the reservation, making this mission a cherished and impactful experience.


August 2023

A team of 13 passionate individuals journeyed to Antigua, Guatemala, where we not only delivered life-saving water to communities but also shared the powerful message of the gospel. 24 lives were transformed through salvation, and an additional 126 hearts were touched by the gospel’s profound message. We were truly blessed to be part of this mission, and none of it would have been possible without your support and our partnership with Filter of Hope.

LA Dream Center

October 2023

Greetings Manna Family! We’re so excited to continue to see God move in mighty ways here at the LA Dream Center. We were able to bring a food truck & grocery distribution to the LA communities and unsheltered population, as well as adopt-a-block, which will have us arriving at low income housing, cleaning up neighborhood garbage and walking through the neighborhood, sharing God’s word, and praying for those in need. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. We thank you for all your support!

ROC Homefront Progress Report

Cliffdale Site

Completed or In Progress
1st floor of Building A – Manna Kids classrooms painted
2nd floor of Building A – New carpet installed and rooms painted
Building B – World Cafe renovated
Building B – Bathrooms renovated
Building B – Worship Center renovated
Parking Lot – Sealed and restriped
Coming Soon
3rd floor of Building A – New carpet installed and rooms painted

Anderson Creek Site

Completed or In Progress
Gravel parking lot paved, sealed, striped and blocked

Ramsey Site

Completed or In Progress
New HVAC installed and gas lines run
Coming Soon
New flooring and rooms painted

Where We're Going

A Look Ahead At Our 2024 ROC Ministry Projects & Short Term Mission Trips

Local Multiplication

TOTAL: $175,990

An Overview of Our 2024 Short Term Mission Trips

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