Manna Dream Center Shelter Operations Assistant Fill-In


The Manna Dream Center Shelter Operations Assistant Fill-In is responsible for the operation of the shelter overnight operation to include intake, activities and closeout in the morning when one of the regular employees are out.


Part Time (variable hours from 12- 28 hours per week) Night Shift Rate of Pay $9.25 per hour.

General Responsibilities

Manna Church and the Dream Center exist to glorify God by equipping His people to change their world.  As a Manna Dream Center Staff member you are to assist in this vision by embodying the values and culture of Manna Church, by engaging within the local church, tithing, living a lifestyle consist with our bylaws, and by modeling SERVE – See and Shape the Future, Engage and Develop Others, Reinvent Continually, Value Results and Relationships, and Embody the Values.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • Be familiar with the policies and procedures of the Manna Dream Center Shelter as a ministry of the Manna Dream Center and an important service to our community.
  • Administer the intake of overnight guests, maintain an atmosphere with good order consistent with a ministry atmosphere and maintain records IAW policies.
  • Be capable of staying overnight for assigned 12 hour shifts.
  • Oversee the conduct of activities such as laundry, showers, and maintenance tasks by those staying at the shelter.
  • Coordinate with the Manna Dream Center Coordinator to order supplies and for other items such as maintenance requests.
  • Oversee the provision of an evening and morning snack.
  • Supervise any Serve Team members assisting with the shelter

Required Meetings

  • Staff Chapel
  • All Staff Gatherings
  • Directed Dream Center meetings

Supervisory Responsibilities

Additional Duties

  • As Assigned


Key software requirements:

  • Google Mail/Apps/Docs
  • Asana
  • Allworx Phone and System


Spiritual Requirements:

  • Regular involvement in Manna Church activities and events.
  • Signed acknowledgement of Manna Church’s “Statement of Faith” 
  • Signed acknowledgement to policies and procedures as stated in Manna Church’s employee handbook.
  • Living out the spiritual principles outlined in the Employee Handbook; participation in a small group; tithing consistently; attending worship services; involvement in outreach; following Christ personally and passionately; sexual purity. 

Physical Requirements:

  • To be able to lift and move up to 25 lbs


Employment At-Will:

All employees of Manna Church Shelter Operations Fill In are at-will, and as such, are free to resign any time without reason. Manna Church Shelter Operations Fill In, likewise, retains the right to terminate an employee’s employment at any time with or without reason or notice.

Nothing contained in this job description or any other document provided to the employee is intended to be, nor should it be construed as, a guarantee that employment or any benefit will be continued for any period of time.  Any salary figures provided to an employee in annual or monthly terms are stated for the sake of convenience or to facilitate comparisons that are not intended to and do not create an employment contract for any specific period of time.

No manager, supervisor or employee of Manna Church Shelter Operations Fill In has any authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time or to make any agreement for employment other than at-will.

Job Details